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Digital Freelancer - Video & Audio Editing/Production

Digital Editing  ·  Graphic Design  ·  Short-form Content Creation  ·  Social Media Marketing  ·  Music Production  ·  Original Music

I will edit your long-form video and audio recordings into short, catchy videos ready for posting on social media. Do you need a musical intro for your podcast or channel? Let's talk. As a composer and digital editor I can also easily add additional elements to help your video stand out, sort of a one-stop-shop. Videos won't go viral without something special and unique about the content, but if you have that something special I'm excited to see what we can do together!


Custom Music, Song, or Soundscape

Building a game? An app? Starting a podcast or channel & want to stand out with some amazing original intro music? 

Buying for someone who has everything? Hmmm...there's gotta be something they don't have yet... ;) 

Have something you want to say to someone special? I would be honored to help make it happen.

Custom songs are a rare, special gift you can share. It would be my absolute pleasure to write one for you. I'll walk you through a series of questions designed to help me best understand your why and for who this song is for. Then you'll hear a few sketches to confirm we're on the same page... Soon after, your very own personalized song will be ready for you to give to that special someone or share with the world.


Video Game Music

Listen to samples on Soundcloud:

Elevate your video game to the next level with stunning original music and sound design! I will craft an immersive, dynamic soundscape, soundtrack, or ambient track tailored exclusively for your game. From tender, serene moments to heart-pounding intensity, I'll ensure the music matches how you want the listener to FEEL.

I don't use AI to create the music so: #1 - you retain the copyright on all music & and #2 - your game is eligible for Best Sound Design awards (I'd love to help you win one!).

If you need:

  • LONG tracks - not short AI-composed loops that sound like other soundtracks
  • immersive, ambient & evolving soundscapes
  • heart-pumping chase scenes
  • creepy spooky scenes
  • 432 Hz or 528 Hz music
  • surround sound mixes available
  • Original music by a Canadian songwriter - not AI

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